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A bit of fun from the MSF team

We love to play with different looks and styles and let's face it; everyone's taste is different.  In this space, we play dress-ups and have some fun! I hope you like what we've put together.

A Little Birdie Told Me

All items with SOH

Curvesque Anti Chaffing Short - Nude - Willow and Vine


Animal Kingdom - Willow and Vine

Animal Kingdom


Autumn 2024

Rico Belt - Willow and Vine


Best selling products

Betty Basics

Bottega Moda

Bottega Moda apparel seamlessly blends style and comfort, showcasing vibrant prints and distinctive designs. Crafted from Italian linen, Bottega Moda's clothing is tailored for easy elegance, ensuring confidence in your stylish ensemble wherever the day may lead. Explore an extensive selection of sizes, styles, and patterns to find the perfect fit for your unique taste.
Cafe Latte - Willow and Vine

Cafe Latte

Café Latté is a brand that is known for not only style and comfort, but also great value for money.  It is fun and fashionable and consists of casual tops and dresses that will meet all of your fashion needs.

Café Latte jeans and shorts are wardrobe staples and loved for their fit.  Made in easy to wear stretch fabrics, they can be dressed up or down with co-ordinating Cafe Latte tops.

Cafe Latte Autumn 2022 - Willow and Vine

Cafe Latte Autumn 2022

Cafe Latte never fail to impress and this Autumn is no exception.  Straight midi skirts co-ordinated with tops and knitwear in gorgeous Autumn colours.  Just one example of their latest looks.

Caroline Morgan



Cassini redefines the standard for footwear by seamlessly combining absolute comfort, luxurious soft leathers, versatility, and unparalleled support. Cassini shoes are renowned for their commitment to providing an exceptional walking experience and dedication to using the softest leathers to ensure that every step feels like a gentle embrace for your feet. Experience support like never before as you immerse yourself in the ergonomic designs that prioritise the health and happiness of your feet. Walk with confidence, walk with Cassini.
Casual wear for Winter - Willow and Vine

Casual wear for Winter

Snuggle up this winter in relaxed and comfy casual tops and bottoms from One Ten Willow.
Winnie Wedge Tan - Willow and Vine

Cherry Lane Footwear

V-Neck Tee - Black - Willow and Vine


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